Readymade Garment Retailers in Uttara,Sector 3

Untitled design.jpgAarong – Bengali for 'Town Fair' – is Bangladesh's most prominent way of life retail chain. This moral brand started in 1978 as an unassuming intends to engage country craftsmans to transcend destitution. Today, with 15 retail locations crosswise over Bangladesh and more than 100 form and way of life product offerings, Aarong bolsters 65,000 craftsmans with reasonable terms of exchange. Changing the retail business with exclusive expectations for quality and masterfulness, this famous brand mixes the conventional with the contemporary in ways thatnever stop to win buyer appealboth at home and abroad. In 1976, when BRAC– the world's biggest improvement association – drew in few provincial ladies to deliver makes, their lone purchasers were a couple scattered retailers in Dhaka. Weeks, even months would go amongst supply and installment, until BRAC interceded and built up Aarong to pay the rustic ladies for their products on time. In the course of recent decades, Aarong has cut out a remarkable market fragment for crafted works, resuscitating Bangladesh's rich legacy and affecting the lives of more than 325,000 individuals through 850 little business people and the Ayesha Abed Foundation. The establishment goes about as Aarong's creation center point, where craftsmans discover business and access to BRAC's all encompassing backing including, maternal medicinal services, cleanliness mindfulness and sponsored lavatories, small scale credit, legitimate guide, day administer to their youngsters. From dirt pots to precious stone gems, and silk and cotton textures to metal and cowhide stock, Aarong's immeasurable scope of creative items, supported by a vigorous store network and dissemination arrange, makes Aarong genuinely a family mark in Bangladesh. Its developing nearness outside of Bangladesh – through reasonable exchange systems and the online shop– keeps on expanding the market for Bangladeshi artworks comprehensively, making more open doors for craftsmans to secure their deep rooted workmanship and employments.

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