Bangabandhu International Conference Center

Bangabandhu International center [1] or Bangladesh-China friendly relationship center in Dhaka's Sher-e-Bil is found within the town of the International center [ii]. the development work was completed in 001, and it's designed center, Beijing Institute of study dijainsa and analysis. [3]
Creating and naming [ edit ]
The primary objective of the convention center, the development of the 114-member Non-Aligned Movement to be a command in Dhaka within the 00 the summit to a yojana. 5. the aim of the 000 million US bucks in funding for fifty, 000 square measure building on the Anu Thi Anika is started. the middle for the development of concerning four hundred Chinese engineers and artisans worked like folks, and 001 within the begin of construction of the middle for nearly seventeen months when construction work is same manna. though formally named the Bangabandhu International conference house on 00 Gregorian calendar month one the official relinquishment ceremony of the middle modified its name to Bangladesh-China friendly relationship conference house is unbroken. 009 conference house re Bangabandhu International conference house was named.
Architectural style [ edit ]
700 representatives of the most room and a complete of one,700 seats paryabeksakasaha gyalarite one thousand. The meeting of the 2 crucial power and 00 seats, four meeting rooms, and a 700-seat phodakorta is crucial. There are three hundred seats for journalists crucial of a space. the most room And an open roof space of the two-meter concrete pillars placed on the four. a complete of fifty,000 area unit convention center, however the most building and therefore the building is made on zero.000 area unit space of around thirty,000 sq. meters within the open grounds. [3]

The center is provided with 700 parking flag setting bar 128 countries. Dandagulo flag has been placed around the fountain. Convocation Center at the University of normal, national and international conferences, trade fairs ar organized. the middle is a totally electronic system to manage.

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