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The state claimed Bangladesh Television (BTV) started operations in 1964. Training and diversion, and also to guarantee the stream of target data to general society and the duty to add to the nation's financial advancement of the national media. Bengali and English-dialect news day by day 9 bulletin Saha communicate TV show, documentaries, music, training, and data on different events. The objective of the present government in 2021 to construct Digital Bangladesh caleche Biti Bhi earthly transmissions by working 18 hours for each day and 4 hours through satellite to watchers in numerous differing projects and news are come to. Two undeniable TV slots and 14 transfer stations in the 'communicate across the country. At its base camp and the primary plant is found. Chittagong made locally from the focal point of the different projects are being communicated at regular intervals BTV World on April 11, 2004, started broadcasting by means of satellite. Thus, BTV communicates past the outskirts of the nation to contact groups of onlookers around the globe. BTV World satellite communicate is 4 hours constant. What's more, the advancement of new stations, later on, will dispatch another station bTV, bTV, which communicate satellite communicate scope region incorporates 97 percent ha bee sera. 9 percent of Amazon's own projects are assembled, the rest is taken from the makers. On the off chance that the program covers 78 percent of people in general enthusiasm for agribusiness, wellbeing, and populace, ladies and youngsters, instruction and human rights by Saya Bali. 0 percent raises an assortment of projects, news, and instructive advancement, 30 percent, 35 percent and the rest of the 15 percent of stimulation and culture is based on different things. Notwithstanding the life communicate projects of national significance cricket, football and other real games and TV programs straightforwardly from the field.

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