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Improvement Studies is a quickly developing order which joins attitudes and points of view from the other major branches of sociology including Economics, Politics, Policy and Administration with the primary goal of contemplating and investigating the more extensive talks and difficulties of advancement. Improvement Studies, I feel, gives a stage remaining on which the understudies can take in the center of different teachers, and build up a more extensive concentrate on the contemporary issues and difficulties of advancement both in the nation and past. The Department was propelled in the mid-2000s; despite the fact that of the generally late source, we feel that the Department has as of now prevailing with regards to setting up itself as a legitimate foundation both at home and abroad.

Our own is a standout amongst the most well-known subjects in the sociologies staff in the University regarding the request by the graduate and post graduate understudies for enlistment into our projects. We get laudation and gratefulness from our assorted graduated class and their expert affiliations. The Department is spoken to into the significant national level government board of trustees and boards all the time. We additionally have utilitarian connections to a few noteworthy corporate associations in the nation. Additionally, the Department routinely gets demands from the main national associations to give specialized and proficient administrations. Obviously, this is an especially important time for concentrating on, and contemplating advancement in Bangladesh – since we as a country are presently endeavoring towards accomplishing the 'center pay nation' status, and we are additionally concentrating on keeping up the pace of improvement that we have accomplished throughout the most recent two decades. Keeping this concentration in mid, Development Studies, as instructed in this Department, gives a top to bottom and comprehensive investigation of the idea of advancement and in our scholarly projects, we endeavor to consolidate both the hypothetical and functional measurements of the idea.

We are exceptionally lucky in the Department of the Development Studies to have the capacity to welcome and support advancement specialists speaking to a various foundation as far as their expert skill, scholastic foundation, age, ethnicity and statistic qualities. I think the principle fascination of expert courses, for example, the Master of Development Studies (MDS), Post Graduate Diploma of Development Studies (PGDDS) and the Executive Certificate program is that we generally attempt to extension hypotheses and practice. Our connection through these courses with our understudies gives us a chance to gain from them and share our attitudes and encounters. This is commonly profiting for both the understudies and the educators.

You will be happy to realize that we are wanting to grow the quantity of seats in some of our mainstream courses. We might want to offer more open doors for post graduate level proficient individuals. We might want to concentrate on the more prominent system and contact with different national and universal improvement associations. Also, we are attempting to get more productions and as opposed to keeping our scholastic work to the ivory universe of the scholarly world, we are focusing on dispersing them in a dialect and frame which will be more available to the advancement professionals. We might want to make our expert administrations accessible to the more extensive segments of the general public. Moreover, we likewise have a brain to give the more prominent number of grants and chances to more impeded segments of the general public.

I firmly trust that understudies moving on from this Department will be all around prepared to confront the difficulties of the requesting scene that anticipate them. I might want to guarantee you that, I alongside my group have been endeavoring to change the Department into a focal point of perfection. Trust you will hold hands with us towards making this Department more grounded in the years ahead.


Bureau of Development Studies

College of Dhaka

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